Leadership Self-Assessment




1. Delegating work to others comes easy to me.
2. Communicating clearly with others is easy to me.
3. I enjoy engaging with other people on an interpersonal level.
4. I am proactive in offering constructive criticism.
5. I place a high value on treating others fairly.
6. Seeking advice from others is something I do often.
7. Change energizes me.
8. Problem-solving is one of my strengths.
9. I am comfortable with being a role model.
10. Working as part of a team energizes me.
11. I am comfortable coaching and mentoring others.
12. Directing the work of others is comfortable for me.
13. I have the ability to set and accomplish goals.
14. I enjoy implementing new methods and strategies.
15. I am proactive in providing praise to others.
16. I am comfortable admitting and correcting my own mistakes.
17. I have strong conflict management skills.
18. Diversity and inclusion are important to me.
19. I enjoy really listening to what others have to say.
20. When I see problems, I immediately look for possible solutions.